Remek! Premium at work

We designed Remek! Premium to help intraday traders worldwide. We focus on the well-regulated and liquid US futures market. Whatever markets you trade, our rock-solid methodology can be easily integrated into any trading plan and adapted to particular circumstances.

Today’s a good example of how Remek! Premium works:

  1. Our subscribers were notified by email of impending intraday trigger (8.13am ET, see time stamp on chart), in this case on the 6S.

  2. Trade triggers shortly after.

  3. Position is being managed (see time stamps on second and third charts) based on pre-defined rules, as we speak.

Remek! Premium is based on and powered by our Remek! Momentum Pro/STR software. That said, Remek! Premium can be used even without our software, and regardless of trading platform (this means you can be on Tradestation, Metatrade, or any other platform of your choice).

Also note the lack of gimmicks on our charts: we only use a few select tools in our work.

Trade entry and trade management rules are clearly defined and shared with subscribers. The July 4th Special of USD89/month as well as a 15-day free trial is still available today.