Breakout on the ES daily

Let's see how far this will take us. Remember, with the Premium service you'll be notified of trades like this in real time. We're looking forward to trading these setups with Remek! for NT8, out soon. Renko, minute or tick, a good trade is a good trade. Mindful trading!


It's usually red, before it's green. Mindful trading!

6B 2018 08 16 12pm

Introducing our Plus and Premium packages

Hi Traders,
we're excited to bring you two new services as we approach our full transition to the NT8 platform: the Plus and Premium packages:
- Remek! Plus is a free service to our frequent visitors. All you need to do to access the material is to register on our site. We'll do our best to provide content that you'll find useful to your trading.

- The Remek! Premium service includes everything in the Plus package, plus includes our early morning analysis for the current day US futures session. Subscribers will also be notified of the best intraday setups in real time as the day unfolds. The Premium service comes with a 15-day free trial. 

We hope to see you as a subscriber in one of the above packages. Mindful trading!

The ES today

The ES question today is: is this a measured move, and perhaps a buying opportunity, or the beginning of 'something else'? The 240m very much looks like a freefall, so tread carefully. Or just stand by for more clues. 

But then again, the whole world was long, so what did we expect?

ES 2018 08 15