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In the spotlight: Remek! Momentum PRO STR v2.20

After months of work behind the scenes, we’re happy to announce the standalone strategy version of our flagship product: Remek! Momentum Pro STR v2.20 is available now. Read more…

Introducing: Remek! Premium

Would you like to be notified of our best intraday setups on US futures in real time? Just sign up for our Remek! Premium service. A 15-day free trial is included with every subscription. Take doubt out of your trading, for a change.

Unprecedented algorithmic power at your fingertips

As a retail trader, working on a relatively short timeframe on the world's financial markets, you must be able to decide when

  • there's a good opportunity for a rule-based discretionary trade,

  • when you can rely on fully or partially automated mode and

  • when you should stay away from the market.

Ferenc T Meszaros, MBA, MSc Founder, Remek! Trading Systems, Inc.

Ferenc T Meszaros, MBA, MSc
Founder, Remek! Trading Systems, Inc.

Making the right decisions with regards to the above questions with the best software tools available today can significantly increase your chances of success. That's why you need the winning combination of The Remek! System, Remek! Momentum, Shark Indicators' BloodHound, the world's Nr. 1 trading system development tool and Blackbird, the world's first risk and money manager available for retail traders. All the above tools are available now, for the first time, for the powerful, multithreaded NinjaTrader 8 platform. Optionally, you can choose the sheer speed, power and sophisticated simplicity of Remek! Momentum Pro STR, the world’s fastest* standalone NT8 strategy, for which you will not need any third party product, since it’s deployed directly in NT8.

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The Remek! System and Remek! Momentum at work

The Remek! System and Remek! Momentum at work


 If you'd like to check out the brand-new version of The Remek! System, our in-house renko-based trading tool re-built for NT8 from the ground up, just click here.

Our momentum-based trading strategy, Remek! Momentum, built natively for NT8, can be used effectively with tick bars, range bars or time-based bars on various intraday and overnight timeframes. This versatile powerhouse might just be the perfect fit for your trading business. Read more about Remek! Momentum here.

*in our internal testing, Pro STR loads on our i7 faster than we can blink.