In the spotlight: textbook NQ action

Hi Traders, a quick note on today’s action on the NQ. Apart from the fact that Remek! Momentum easily identified the two best candles to go long on during today’s morning session (see 30R chart below), some easy to read clues were broadcast by the market even before the open: see yesterday’s action, a session the second part of which was a textbook pullback on the HTF (e.g. 60 min) chart. Those of you who caught this during your nightly analyses, and came well-prepared to today’s battle, good work! As to the session itself, including what Remek! Momentum can do for us on the field, it was, yes, textbook. Another example of good nightly preparation, combined with the Remek! method, paying handsomely. Mindful trading!

NQ 2019 02 12 60min (HTF)

NQ 2019 02 12 30R (trading timeframe)

Other noteworthy moves today (2pm Eastern update):

DX 2019 02 12 - keep an eye on this chart if you trade currencies

6E 2019 02 12 - good move on 4hr but no follow-through. on daily

6C 2019 02 12 - with the weak hands gone, this could become a meaningful move

While the SI fails to do much today, the GC at least is trying :)

Two runners, begging to be stopped out on the indexes.

Remek! Momentum v2.14 in action

This was yesterday. Today, so far, does not look very different either. Click here to learn more.

NQ 2019 02 04 - intraday