How to make the best use of Remek! Premium

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Remek! Premium weekly performance 2019 04 01 - today

With Remek! Premium, you get notifications of our premium setups and triggers by email, in real time, with screenshots as seen above, and as they occur 24/5, together with straight-to-the-point analysis and recommendations for trade management. While the Remek! Premium service is the natural extension of our semi-automated trading systems (The Remek! System and Remek! Momentum), it is designed so that you can use it effectively on your preferred trading platform (be it Ninjatrader, Metatrader, Tradestation or anything else), without having to purchase any additional software. After all, a chart is a chart is a chart.

Remek! Premium is the service that, you’ll find, pays for itself. It is a service that will gently beat you into being profitable. With a free 15-day trial, you can see it for yourself, risk-free.