First in its class: Remek! Momentum Professional Edition v2.17. Available now!

We’re happy to share with you the news: v2.17 of Remek! Momentum Professional Edition is available in our shop as of today. Remek! Momentum Professional Edition v2.17 is unique: it is, to our knowledge, the world’s first trading system that allows you

  • to base your short-term investment strategies on an inherent bahaviour of financial markets backed by decades of hard data, and

  • to trade that inherent behaviour with a crystal-clear algorithmic system, at your choice, with or without the world’s most powerful trade management toolset, BloodHound/Blackbird.

Previously, there were algorithms available to retail traders either built with BloodHound (e.g. The Remek! System’s or Remek! Momentum Standard Edition’s) with the resulting trades managed by Blackbird. They work and they’re good!

And then there are third-party algos that are incompatible with BloodHound/Blackbird and/or NT8 (and may not even be based on inherent and real market behaviour), so maybe you were losing or technically stuck or both.

But now there’s Remek! Momentum Professional Edition v2.17: the truly powerful trading environment that allows you to trade what works and in a way that has the best of both worlds. Check it out!

With Remek! Momentum Pro v2.17 you can

  • trade our powerful Momentum algo directly on NT8! (we’ll call this direct deployment)

  • or trade the same powerful Momentum algo of ours with the power and algorithmic precision of BloodHound/Blackbird (we’ll call this standard deployment)

    For the first time, the choice is yours.

PS: the Pro Edition has a few other powerful features, e.g. the Remek! Market Scanner Pro, RRR, etc. not mentioned above. We’ll be uploading a complete video series on all the features in the coming days. Stay tuned and mindful trading!