Why trading pullbacks is not easy

Pullbacks are in many traders’ arsenal, but to trade them well is far from easy. See e.g. the complex pullback structure on the ‘seemingly’ simple GC trade that’s been developing for a few days now. It was easy to lose faith in this setup, unless you’re constantly aware of the possibility of this developing into a complex pullback. Those who did their homework, and those who stayed, and those who monitored the bearflag failure on the 240m chart (the trigger) were awarded today. And if you think this is all in hindsight: see the bearflag failure markup on our 240m chart of 3 days ago. (This methodology works.) This also explains why we are strong believers in blending discretionary analysis with automated execution. While this analysis cannot very well be programmed with computers (and it doesn’t really need to be), the execution, with BH and BB can, and we think, for best results and consistency, should. And this blend, this is what we call the Remek! method.

Mindful trading!

GC 2019 01 25 - complex pullback