Update on Remek! for NT8

Hi Traders! A quick update from our Testing Lab.

As you know The Remek! System for NT8 requires NT8 (obviously) and also BloodHound for NT8 to run (with BlackBird for NT8 highly recommended). NT8 has been out of beta, while BH/BB is still in beta. On our end, the Remek! System for NT8 has been built, and is ready for prime time.  It is currently undergoing rigorous testing with BH/BB beta. A few bugs still surface, which is normal and was expected. We work closely with SI to sort them out. Since it is our policy to offer products to the public that we are 100% confident of, we're holding on with commercial release of The Remek! System for NT8 until BH/BB is out of beta and all bugs have been resolved. Rest assured that day is near and it will be worth the wait! 

In the meantime, we continue to trade with The Remek! System v2.0 for NT7, which is the current version, and it is just as reliable as it ever was. Nonetheless, the release of the NT8 version will be a big day for all of us, so here's a sneak peek of The Remek! System for NT8, right from our Testing Lab! Mindful trading!


The Remek! System for NT8 - sneak peek