Update from the back office

Hi Traders,
we'd like to share with you some of the things we've been working on behind the curtains lately.

- as you have noticed, we have started working on NT8 charts recently as we transition towards the new platform, even before the official Remek! System for NT8 is released. We are doing so in order to give NT8 a thourough test drive on both the intraday and the overnight timeframes. On that front, NT8 looks very promising, with most bugs likely to be behind us.

- the commercial versions of BloodHound for NT8 and BlackBird for NT8, as you know, are expected to be available soon. We plan to give them a good test before we release The Remek! System for NT8. What we have seen in BH and BB beta look very promising! We'll keep you posted on the expected release date of Remek! for NT8.

- the combination of NT8, BB/BH for NT8 and Remek! for NT8 present temendous opportunities on both the intraday and overnight timeframes, from which we want all our customers to fully benefit. We'll continue to work hard to bring you the best products and services to help you stay profitable in this not-so-easy but rewarding business!

- we have also rolled out two value-added packages: Plus and Premium. We'll keep Plus free for now, although with that kind of content we can't promise it will stay so forever. (We'll definitely will keep it free to our customers though.) Our Premium package brings the best select setups into your inbox daily, in real time, as well as a daily early morning tactical plan for the US trading session. Worth every penny! Feel free to check out the 15-day free trial.

So much for now. Stay tuned, enjoy August, and trade mindfully!