The February "Dare to be brave" challenge

There is only one way to find out if the Remek! System works for you: if you trade it for a month. And that's exactly what the 30-day trial is for. Trade any or all of the three setups, collect at least 50 trades, enter them into the Remek! Trade Register,  and measure your performance. If you send us your verifiable February results by midnight EST, March 1, we'll give you 30% OFF the list price of the Remek! System Sweetspot Edition. Plus, for the first 5 entries, we'll throw in a cool Remek! T-shirt, as a gift (subject to purchasing the system). So what do you have to lose? The trial costs nothing, and you may find you can actually fish. A deal? 

Here's how you do it:
First of all, reset your database for the term of this project, so we can verify your results at the end of the project.  Trade strictly in SIM, create a fresh USD50,000 account to start with. Max. risk/trade = 2.5% of account size. Then:
1. Trade the US morning session. Max. 4 trades/day. 
2. Focus on the three setups. Anticipate them.
3. Make a hypothesis. Define area of business.
4. Switch to the appropriate mode. Let the system enter the trade.
5. Let the algo manage the trade.
6. Focus on the next trade and the next trade only.

Feb. 28: send us your results.

Mindful trading! We're looking forward to being the first to congratulate you on your success!