Happy Canadian Thanksgiving with Remek! Momentum

Click to visit Remek! Momentum for NT8

Click to visit Remek! Momentum for NT8

We’d like to wish all our friends and customers worldwide, a HAPPY CANADIAN THANKSGIVING!

We are also happy to announce, much-sought-after Remek! Momentum is now available in our shop. Many of you will be familiar with the methodology: it has been discussed several times over the past 5 years in our webinars. (You’ll recall, this is the system that has backtested over varying lookback periods with consistently positive results.) No wonder: it is based on market behaviour that is deeply rooted in human psychology, and which has been taken advantage of by market participants since time immemorial (more here). Now professionally programmed, and rigorously tested (sorry for the wait!), Remek! Momentum can be used effectively on any chart type and on any timeframe under NT8.

Needless to say, the usual best practices and due diligence are required and recommended. (And since we don’t have a crystal ball, all the standard disclaimers as to future results still apply.)

Again, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, and mindful trading to all!

PS: Thanksgiving starts at midnight Eastern Time, you may want to keep an eye on your Inbox for any celebratory flash pricings in the next 24 hrs. Interested in Bundles? See these opportunities to save.