Which other system will do that for you?

Hi guys, I wanted to show you today's action on the 6E that provides a good example of how the Remek! System handles the natural randomness of the market.

If you look at the chart below, you'll see a pullback coming on the Trading Chart, and we get ready to trade it on the Precision Chart using our LONG mode. So far so good. But of course, no setup ever is 100% reliable, and not all pullback trades will work.

  • Some will work as expected.
  • Some will, simply, break down, and the pattern will fail.
  • And some will evolve into a two-legged 'complex' pullback.

Which means sometimes we'll be stopped out of our pullback trades, however convincing the setup looked. And that's okay. When that happens, be mindful of one thing: do not spend your time licking your wounds. Get ready for the possibility that you're in for what is a subset of all pullback trades, the complex pullback (See this book for details.) Now: you do NOT want to miss the complex pullback. It's, usually, a powerful move out of the pullback area in the direction of the HTF trend. And you'll want to be part of it. Here's what you do: 

1. you got stopped out of your pullback trade (let's add: thanks to the Remek! System, with a profit; which other system will do that for you?)
2. Don't look back. The Remek! System's algorithm protected you anyway. Look ahead: is there a complex pullback coming? If yes, stay in LONG mode (and mindset), and go with the flow. 

See the chart for commmentary and details. The Remek! System is available in our shop.

Three solid trades: the 6E intraday as seen by the Remek! System, 2018 01 26