Hi Traders, thank you for attending our webinar yesterday! The Blackbird template we used in the session is available as a free download here. Make sure you check out our Webinar Specials in our store. Just enter the promo code RemekBlackbird2017 to receive 30% OFF the Remek! System and all Bundles. Till this Sunday midnight only!


  • What do I need to run the Remek! System?
    - You'll need NinjaTrader7 and BloodHound. More here.
  • Do I need to have BlackBird to run the Remek! System?
    - No. BlackBird is an optional add-on.
  • Can I get help with setting up the system?
    - Certainly. We offer a one-hour online sharescreen session to each customer to customize their individual trading environment to meet their exact requirements.
  • I missed the webinar. Do you have a recording?
    - Yes, just click here.

 Any questions? Just write to us. Mindful trading from your Remek! Team!