Remek!'s "instant reversal" algorithm at work

Setups do fail. In trading, nothing ever is 100%. At times, you will enter on the best setup that meets all visual criteria as well as your trading and risk management rules etc. (white circle). So to enter is, like, mandatory. And then the setup fails. It has happened, it will happen, and it's part of trading, and it can be painful.

Enters Remek!.

The Remek! System's built-in custom algo will, whenever possible, recover your loss in such situations, and often more, and instantly, before you could think twice. Check out this situation a few minutes ago on the GC: our AUTO dropdown took us into a long trade, which instantly reversed on us, and we suffered a loss (white rectangle). On the next candle, Remek!'s built-in algorithm entered short (automatically, at the speed of your electrons) and now we are in a short trade, which is working just fine, and we already recovered our loss two times over. (A bit more, as I'm writing this, since our second target has also been hit since I took the screenshot. See second jpg.)

The point is, don't argue with the market. Swim with it. Pays better. With the Remek! System, even better.

Mindful trading! 

GC intraday - 2017 11 29

GC intraday - 2017 11 29