From our R&D Lab

How many of you would be content with trading a fully automated system in 2017 with a single-contract equity curve similar to the one below? (Remember though: this is the past. The future is always unknown.)

We're still thinking of what to call this new engine as we put on the finishing touches. It has proved to be so stable in testing that we might call it the The Remek! Bulldozer. 

As you can see, this is an overnight system, with about 1 trade per day, which will nicely complement our intraday scalping tool, The Remek! System.  (As you know, having several trading strategies working on several timeframes is a sensible way of diversification.) This new tool is totally NOT optimized, and it has only a few, albeit smart, moving parts. More to come soon!

PS: notice the bump (and the recovery) around the US elections. Also, SiRaven refused to calculate the commission for some reason, so let's not forget to deduct that 2 grand or so from the results.

all combined curve.jpg