Happy Canada Day - with a Remek! trade

Happy Canada Day from all of us at Remek! to all our friends and neighbours, in Canada and beyond! 

Check out our trade today, pretty easy stuff:

1. readied the system to take the next LONG (by selecting LONG mode on the dropdown)
2. the system entered us into the long on the price inflection automatically, with our ATM kicked in
3. we let our ATM manage the trade for us, taking out the first target, pulling up our stop, then eventually closing in on our second target to finish the trade elegantly. Calm skill, if you ask us.

Notice, the ES on the right presented similar opportunities as well. With the Remek! System, it is easy to take advantage of these high-probability setups on a daily basis. (Just see our videos.) 

Better still, why not take advantage of our SPECIAL OFFER on our national holiday! Just visit our shop, and enter HAPPYCANADADAY2016 at the checkout to enjoy an instant 49% discount on the Remek! System (Canada being 149 years old today!)

6E 2016 07 01

6E 2016 07 01