Trading with the Remek! System

You have seen our range charts lately. We love tracking the market on range charts, it helps us understand what's going on (on a range bar, each bar being a price level, which, when combined with volume tells us everything we need to know).  Once we're 'in the flow' with the market, we'll ride the waves on the back of the heavies by entering trades on our Remek! Charts (see below).

Remek! signals on the 6E 3:1. 2016 04 12

You'll notice most Remek! signals are usable. Still, we do not take them all, naturally. We're not here to make the broker richer. So we only like to take the first and/or second pullback after the trend change. Oh, we could easily number the signals and automate this thing. And we have. But it turns out it slows down Ninja too much. Version 8 should be better, we'll see. Until then, we just count one, two on our fingers. :)

Also, we always look at one chart up (HTF) to make sure the skies are blue. Should the trade not work, we get out with a smile. When it works (which is cca. 60-65%), we'll ride the wave, again, with a smile.

After lunch, we always smile. And go biking. You get the picture.

And that's regardless of our P/L of the day, simply because we followed our rules and, therefore: traded well. Most weeks are good. All months are good. 

Yours can, too.