One way to play the gap

The following chart shows one way to play the anticipated gapfill. If and when our first target gets hit, we'll be able to reduce our risk to zero by pulling our stop above our entry (and "use the market's money to make money"). Then again, our idea may be wrong, (which happens often) and that's okay, 'cause then we'll get out. 

PS: no need to enter at midnight of course, if you trade intraday. You can choose to have a good sleep and take a look at the market around 7am. We'll sure know a bit more by then, and you may (then again, may not) get a better fill than now. Or the whole game may have changed. For educational purposes only. 

2am update: looks good.

ES 2016 03 28 

8am: a) the market loves running stops or b) we were wrong c) or both

ES 2016 03 29 12 noon

And the end of day:

ES 2016 03 29 4.15pm