On our three charts

In reply to a user question with regards to the small chart:
We only use the small chart to identify the best possible entry points. Remember, we enter trades at the inflection points on our SiProRenko.

But we make our decisions based NOT on the small chart but on the medium and large charts. Once we know what we want to do based on the two larger charts (with medium giving us the setup and the large giving us the confirmation, or at least be neutral), we select SHORT or LONG on the small chart, depending on our intention, so that the small chart will get us into the trade we want to be in. The AUTO dropdown basically does the same thing, except in AUTO mode you leave it up to the built-in Remek! algo to decide the direction (or whether to trade at all). NOTE: do not solely rely on AUTO mode. Use AUTO mode with discretion :), and do not leave it Enabled without a good reason to do so, like you're deliberately waiting to enter on the next - and only the next - AUTO signal.
We hope this helps.

Mindful trading to all!