AUTO mode

We wanted to know how our system behaves, if it breaks down when left in AUTO mode (something we never do, by the way), so we ran it on some randomly chosen days in June.  And on the CL for a change. 

So we invite you to check out the results for yourselves (and also here). As you'll see, the system displays admirable robustness and does not break down. It's also not curve-fitted, as shown by the number of losing trades.

Mind you, the system produces even better results when managed by a well-prepared human. First off, you'd take far fewer trades. Secondly, you wouldn't trade day and night. Also, there are many AUTO trades that you'd skip based on context. You'd also miss fewer good trades, and the not-so-good trades you'd manage better than a simple trailing stop.

We could, of course, curve-fit this system, but that was never our intention. We wanted a system that is robust in a variety of market conditions, on a variety of instruments and for different trading styles and account sizes.  With practice, you'll find, the system performs and performs and performs.

Mindful trading to all!