Remek! System forward testing results

Probably no machine could replace a top-notch human trader. ('Experience' and 'intuition' or 'feel' are just not so easy to program...). But to enhance the functionality of the Remek! System, we have included an AUTO (automatic) mode, accessible from the drop-down list.  Beware, it is not meant to be run mindlessly! Still, we wanted to find out if it can hold itself if we don't touch it during the morning sessions on the CL.

Well, as you'll see, the system is not only unable to break down (i.e. produce a large loss by noon), but actually holds itself pretty well and produces convincing profits consistently. It is also able to recover: as you'll see one morning started with 4-5 losers (we didn't interfere, to see what happens), but came back to end the session with some wonderful trend trades and with hundreds of dollars in the black.

This system is robust. Now add your skills to it, and you have a winning team!

Mindful trading in the heat!