Winding up for the day...

Just to recap, we took two trades today (about 35 ticks in profit) on the 6E using the Remek! System. The first was a countertrend short ( marked 1 on the chart). You never want to overstay your welcome when trading countertrend so we took our money at the previous support.

The second trade was a classic trend long, entered on the white bottom tail (marked by our RT indicator as well). We took it to the previous pivot, but as we can see, the trade continued on to yesterday's close (and possibly, higher). Not to worry, our exit was reasonably placed.

Any questions on the Remek! technique, just send us a line. If you'd like to learn more on how we use our system, check out the documentation.

Mindful trading, guys.

6E 2015 06 19