Trading with the Remek! System - 6E 2015 06 19

6E 2015 06 19, video

6E 2015 06 19, video

Hi guys, here's the link to our trade (countertrend at that) of today on the 6E. I think I said 'shorts' in the vid a few times when I meant to say 'stops' but I guess you'll get the picture.

This is an example of a countertrend trade when there's not much room before we hit support, but the trade was managed well and worked. Note the use of the Remek! drop-down list (in this case: short) to ready the system for the next inflection point in our given zone of interest.

We plan to upload more of our trades as time allows, so make sure you check back soon. We also hope that these vids will help you master our system and continue to make money with it consistently, on a daily basis.

 Thanks for watching, and mindful trading to all!


Note: after the first vid in Jing, scroll down the page to see the links to the second and third video.