Trading the ES? Mind the gap.

Hi guys, Monday 8am, getting ready for a sunny week!

Books about unfilled gaps could probably fill a shelf. Still, it's worth mentioning how important it is to track them consistently, especially on the ES. Consider implementing a system to do that.  As for us, we keep it simple: at the end of each session, we mark the previous close if it remained unfilled (see below). We may put the date on the chart as well (F12 in NinjaTrader).  These levels tend to act like magnets later on (as we know), and will eventually get filled. (When they do, remove the line from the chart to keep it up-to-date.) Review them regularly. Nothing new, nothing fancy, just effective. And it comes handy on days like... today.

Mindful trading to all!

PS: 2010 or so (from April 29) is likely to get filled today. But there's another one (or two?) under us. You know the rest.