Happy birthday - to us :)

Well, sure we like birthdays. Especially if it's ours. :) Ice cream with the kids, or a bit of Wonderland? Or how about the best zoo on this side of the universe? Not to mention a large latte on our old favourite patio! Or why not just bike the whole day?

Whatever we'll end up doing, time to get to the point: our in-house master trader Gabor's birthday is tomorrow (Happy Birthday, Mate!), mine (the strategy guy) is one day later (what a cluster!), so we thought we'd let you share in with the fun a bit: for the next two days, the Remek! System will be available to all those who want to trade for more gains and with fewer headaches


at the friendly price of USD595!

(Yes, that's a hundred dollars off!)


Click here to take advantage of this special offer before Friday midnight (May 22, 2015) EST!  Remember we have now included the templates for all three renko bar types: the SiProRenko, the SiBTRenko or, alternatively, the Unirenko, as well as the three Remek! indies: BG (higher time-frame trend), RT (significant turns) and DIV (divergence). Time to be a shark, folks.

Mindful trading to all! And a happy bluesy birthday to both of us!