Your Santa Claus rally in the wings?

As to the long-term view, it's hard to know what the ES may be up to in the next two weeks, but should it break above and hold the 2115 area, it may as well turn into a 'traditional' Xmas rally, hitting 2200 by year-end.  We'll see. 

If, on the other hand, the 2115 area holds as resistance, and the market decides to turn back, we'd like to know what it does - and if it holds - around 2050.

ES 89R 2015 11 08

In the above two scenarios, whichever way the ES goes, many people will place their stops around 2115, and many others will do their best to hit those stops... so be careful out there.

Mind you, these are potential longer-term setups and potential trades, but it can pay handsomely to trade above the intraday noise.  It also makes sense, depending on your account size, to have several strategies, one for, perhaps, intraday trading (that's what our Remek! System is for), one for longer-term aka 'swing' trading (which we do discretionarily).  

As you may have noticed, we use range charts when we look for swing trades. They filter the noise in a way that time charts do not, and we like them. Feel free to experiment with them to find your favourite settings on the instrument(s) you trade.

Mindful trading to all!