Extending your try-out

Hi guys, 
many of you have indicated that the 14-day tryout is not really enough to practice and master the Remek! System due to busy schedules etc.  And we must admit: we agree. So, as part of our Canadian Thanksgiving celebration, we have decided to extend all Remek! System tryouts to 30 days. If you'd like to take Remek! for a spin, you'll now get 30 days free, with full functionality, starting today.

To those of you who have been on a tryout before, no worries. Your license will also be extended for another 30 days sometime in the next 24 hours, as a courtesy.  Just load the template and you should be up and running!

We hope this extension will help everyone to really dig in deep into this amazing software and check out what it can do for us on a daily basis. Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving to all!