The power of failed patterns

We have written a lot about failed patterns before, and have discussed them in detail in webinars and workshops. (Just google "pattern failure" Glad to see today that many in our Remek! Premium group were able to position themselves correctly, and aggressively, with the market, upon our “first pullback after pattern failure” heads-up at 8.54am (ET) this morning. The rest was, if never easy, relatively straight-forward.
Mindful trading!

A day in the life of Remek! Premium

Our Premium subscribers were notified of these setups ahead of time. And yes, we do have a 15-day free trial. By the way, we also had a loser today, see below. It was a valid setup, not a mistake, so it’s filed under ‘cost of doing business’.

From our Premium desk

Our Premium subscribers knew about this potential pattern failure in advance. A few minutes later ‘potential’ became ‘work in progress’. If you haven’t tried Premium yet, you’re missing out.