ZB cont.

  1. March 7: https://www.remek.ca/blog/2019/3/7/using-the-remek-momentum-timeframes-to-optimize-entries

  2. March 8: https://www.remek.ca/blog/2019/3/8/good-morning-with-zb

  3. Remek! Momentum Pro today. This methodology is powerful, whether you’re thinking in a few days or in a few minutes.

ZB 2019 03 12

CL 2019 03 12: Note the somewhat similar setup on the CL

6C 2019 03 12

It’s not all bed of roses though: here’s the 6C, which is “misbehaving”. You must have a plan for these too!

ZB, CL, 6C, etc. As you can see, with the Remek! Market Scanner you can identify opportunities quickly and easily.

Mindful trading!

ZB 2019 03 12 3.30pm

3.30pm update: Remek! Momentum Pro on a stampede today, letting the good times roll and the runner run. We were greatly helped on this trade by our Remek! Market Scanner. Mindful trading