A moment of reflection

The launch of The Remek! System v2.0 this week has been a tremendous success, and for that, we would like to thank you all! Thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of customers who have upgraded or are considering doing so. And thanks also to all the potential customers who are hearing about us for the first time and are interested in testing out our methodology.

We have been serving the trading community, designing and building custom solutions, commercial products since 2011.  Our track record is out there, for all to see. We've been known for not making unfounded claims. We've been known for not hiding the fact that trading is hard. The road to success is steep and rocky. There are no easy, off-the-shelf solutions.

The Remek! System v2.0 is not a miracle pill either.  It helps only those who work hard at becoming the best trader they can be. It's a methodology that has the potential to be the difference between failure and success in mindful hands. Like a good car needs a good driver to be the best car it can be, like an airplane needs a pilot however good the autopilot may be, The Remek! System needs you: the mindful trader, who has learned to interpret market action, learned to understand higher-timeframe context, and knows when to do nothing. 

You are that driver, you are that pilot, you are that trader. Respect your money. Do your own due diligence. If you choose our system, test it out on your instruments, on your timeframe. Use the trial. We insist you do! Main thing, learn to trust your abilities and your intuition before you risk a single dollar. Make sure you and the system make a good team! You get the picture.

Days are moving fast, our success keeps us busy on a daily basis. Still, now is the time to stop and reflect for a moment. Why are we doing this? What are we here for? What is our mission? Call us dreamers, but it's this: