Keeping an eye on the 6B

Hi traders, I wanted to share this with you: keep an eye on this emerging setup on the 6B. This is the British pound against the US dollar, so you will also want to check the DX. You can trade this with Remek! Momentum overnight, or break it up into several shorts intraday with the Remek! System, whatever fits you trading style best. (You can also wait for the breakout and short the retest.) In any case, it’s probably a good idea to wait for some kind of bearflag on the intraday chart.

There you go, good potential, great fit with the weekly pattern as well. Whether it’s the perfect storm, tomorrow will tell.

You may also want to look at the 6E. Similar story, just be mindful of correlated risk.

Happy trading!

6B 2018 10 18

6E 2018 10 18

DX 2018 10 18 - for reference