On skill and judgment

We have compared trading with a semi-automated system like the Remek! System (or any other similar system) to 'driving a car' or 'riding a bike'. Or hunting. 

The point is: you need skills. You are selective. You practice judgment.  

True, certain aspects of the system, those that a machine can do better, have been automated for you, while the ultimate decision to enter a trade, which require cognitive functions, is left up to you.

In our experience, the combination of human judgment (e.g. evaluating the context) and computer speed for the execution (checking conditions instantaneously, trailing at the speed of light, taking profits or exits at the blink of an eye and without 'feelings') is the best combination when it comes to trading successfully.

The point is, you need both: we, humans, need to make the decision on when and if to enter, so we can let the machine do the rest faster and more accurately than we ever could.