the Remek system v2.21

Release date: 2019 08 05
The Remek! System v2.21

The Remek! System v2.21

What’s new in v2.21

  • The Remek! System is now fully compatible with the LizardRenko bar type.

  • The Remek! System v2.21 continues to be fully compatible with SiProRenko and SiBTRenko.

Remek Momentum for NT8 PRO str Edition v2.20

Release date: 2019 05 27

What’s new

Remek! Momentum Pro STR v2.20 workspace

  • We have added the Pro STR Edition to our Remek! Momentum product list. Since Pro STR is an NT8 strategy, it has the capability of replacing BB/BH by connecting Pro STR to RemekATM, a customizable ATM strategy for true direct NT8 deployment. This lean solution brings with itself incredible speed improvements you thought unimaginable under Blackbird, and brings the true power of NT8 to surface. While Pro STR is not a full replacement of Blackbird (nor does it try to be), it does what it does so well, that is it now our own first choice in our trading activities. Take advantage of the 15-day trial to see the incredible speed improvement and the simplicity and efficiency this product offers. An easy upgrade path is available for Pro license holders.

  • Remek! Momentum Standard Edition and Remek! Momentum Professional Edition have been upgraded to v2.20 to retain consistency. The products, however, did not change.

  • Special note: If you decide to install Pro STR, the file (an indicator file, which is part of the Pro Edition) must be manually removed. The Pro STR file (an NT8 strategy file) fully replaces the functionality of the Pro indicator file, and functionality is actually not lost but expanded by this step.

Remek Momentum for NT8 PRO Edition v2.17

Release date: 2019 03 27

What’s new

  • You can now use Remek! Momentum Pro both with and without BloodHound/Blackbird, providing maximum flexibility and choice. (Pro v2.16 could not be used with BloodHound/Blackbird).

Remek Momentum for NT8 standard Edition v2.17

Release date: 2019 03 26

What’s new:

Remek! Momentum for NT8 Standard Edition v2.17

  • the LONG and SHORT dropdown list items have been upgraded. When selected*, they will enter a trade either LONG or SHORT, depending on selection, at the first objective evidence of momentum allowing for powerful discretionary trading.

  • the Remek! Market Scanner’s Standard Edition, which is based on the Remek! Relative Return (RRR) indicator, is now included and allows the quick identification of instruments with the highest potential of volatility (and thus, potential momentum trades) in any trading session.

  • Go to download page.

    * to use this functionality, use Use Chart Pulldown as the Entry Signal Template within Blackbird. Refer to Blackbird’s documentation for details.

The Remek! System v2.15

The Remek! System v2.15

  • Release date: 2019 02 20

    What’s new:

    • v2.15 now includes RDIV our Remek! Divergence indicator, well-known from the NT7 version. RDIV is now fully compatible with Ninjatrader 8 v8.0.16.3 64-bit and Bloodhound/Blackbird v8.1.9.5.

    • The workspaces now include the same chart template for both the SiPro and SiBT renko bars, in order to simplify the use of the product.

    • Remek! Keltner has been made easier on the eye, with options to customize it to individual preferences.

    • The v2.15 upgrade is free to all current users of The Remek! System who purchased their license on or after 2018 02 20 (Feb 20, 2018). If you purchased The Remek! System before that date and you’d like to update, please purchase a maintenance license.

    • v2.15 now features an easy-to-use msi install file for hassle-free installation

Remek! Momentum v2.15

Remek! Momentum v2.15

  • Release date: 2019 02 20
  • What’s new:

    • streamlined and updated chart templates, workspace and bbs file

    • v2.15 now features an easy-to-use msi install file for hassle-free installation

The Remek! System v2.0


  • A brand new version of the system with several enhancements which are detailed on this page. Download.



  • Minor bug fix affecting SiBTRenko chart templates.

  • This fix is only needed if you use SiBTRenko bars and templates. NOT needed if you use SiProRenko bars and templates. Download.

The remek!™ System: "sweetspot edition" (V1.97) 

  • The rules are:
    a) IF price moves 20 or more bars in our direction after entry OR
    IF Close > KeltnerOutsideBand + 2 ATRs
    THEN Exit on Price Inflection
    b) IF price moves x number of bars in our direction after entry (15<x<20)
    THEN Exit on Price Inflection + 1 bar
    c) IF price moves x number of bars in our direction after entry (10<x<15)
    THEN Exit on Price Inflection
    ELSE to be defined in BlackBird (Watch this video for details.)

  • So basically, the only thing that must be defined by the individual user is when to exit if price moves less than 10 bars in our favour upon entry. Since this action depends largely on the risk profile, the account size and the trading style of the individual trader, it is best not to hard-code it but leave it up to the user to define. The best place to define this is in BlackBird. (contact us if you need guidance on customizing this value to your situation).

V1.96 RELEASED VERSION 2018 01 10

  • The Exit strategy has been enhanced to accomodate a variety of trading styles and account sizes:
    EXIT (PT & CP): choose this exit algorithm if you want the Remek! System to manage both your profit taking (PT) and your capital preservation (CP).
    EXIT (PT): choose this exit algorithm if you want the Remek! System to manage only your profit taking (PT). If you choose this, you will have complete control over your stop loss rules. It is recommended that if you choose this option, you set up your own capital preservation rules in BlackBird.

  • The built-in profit taking rules are:
    a) exit on first bar upon price inflection after an extended and/or extreme run (as interpreted by the built-in algorithm) in the trade's direction (aka "ruthless profit-taking")
    b) exit on the 2nd bar upon price inflection if run in the trade's direction is classified as "medium-strength"

  • Built-in capital preservation rule:
    c) exit on 'capital preservation bar' (usually the 3rd bar) upon adverse price inflection if the move loses momentum immediately upon entry.

  • v1.96 is available for download here.

V1.951 RELEASED VERSION 2017 10 31

  • Full review of code, streamlined to load and run as fast as possible. This version runs noticably faster than previous versions.

  • You can now set the Precision Chart to 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 or 5:1. This change provides for more flexibility and customization possibilities for trading various instruments. Which setting is ideal for a certain instrument depends on the volatility and 'noise level' of the given instrument (please note: there are no 'hard and fast' rules, volatility and 'noise' will vary between intstruments and also over time within the same instrument.) The more noise you want to hide, the higher value you would use for the Precision Chart. Please note: higher than 5:1 (or matching setting on the SiBTRenko) is not recommended for the Precision Chart due to the internal workings of the Remek! System's code and BloodHound.

  • Please note: the BlackBird (bbs) file, albeit production-grade, is provided free of charge (and with no official support) with the download package, as an example to be tweaked further depending on your particular circumstances (e.g. instrument traded, timeframe traded, account size and trading style). We'll be happy to provide consultation (for a fee) on these subjects to maximize your return on your investment.

  • And finally: the EXIT logic within the Remek! System has been streamlined, its logic reworked to incorporate our most advanced Remek! exit algorithm yet. As a result, there is now only one EXIT logic (instead of the previous three), resulting in a simpler workflow and less chance of error. The combination of the Remek! System's built-in EXIT logic (which places no orders ahead of time on the market, and is therefore hidden from other market participants) and the added functionality available in BlackBird provides the most sophisticated Remek! toolset yet available for retail traders to devise profitable trading strategies with varying level of automation. Write to us for further info or if you need expert help.

  • The updated EXIT rules:
    a) exit on price inflection after an extended or extreme (as interpreted by the built-in algorithm) run
    b) exit on 'loose price inflection' (usually the 2nd bar) after a medium (average) run
    c) exit on 'capital preservation bar' (usually 5th bar) upon adverse price inflection if the move loses momentum on entry and you find yourself on the wrong side of the market
    Please note: this arrangement allows flexibility to add additional/stricter/looser rules in BlackBird. A trade will be exited on the first exit condition met by either the built-in Remek! EXIT logic or the logic defined in BlackBird.

V1.843 RELEASED VERSION 2017 09 25

  • Fixed (the harmless) "high-low" error message that popped up on some machines. You can download v1.834 here.
    To get rid of the error, do the following:
    1. (Make sure you use the latest version of NinjaTrader 7.) Go to NinjaTrader Control Center >> File >> Utilities >> Remove NinjaScript Assembly
    2. Select Remek_Indicators_Assembly_v12 and click on Remove and then on Close
    3. Download Remek_Indicators_Assembly_v13 and place it onto your desktop
    4. Restart NinjaTrader
    5. Go to NinjaTrader Control Center >> File >> Utilities >> Import NinjaScript and import Remek_Indicators_Assembly_v13 into NinjaTrader
    6. Restart NinjaTrader. There should be no error messages now.

  • Note for BlackBird users: there are no changes in the other files of the v1.834 package, but if you want to use BlackBird, you may want to download the full package and copy the v1.834 files into the appropriate folders.

V1.842 RELEASED VERSION 2017 09 25

  • (Non-essential upgrade.) One word was changed in the documentation for the purpose of accuracy. No other changes. This version is available for download You can download v1.82 here.

V1.841 RELEASED VERSION 2017 09 20

  • The AUTO advanced trend identification algorithm has been updated. Now it gives fewer but even more reliable signals than before.

  • The download files (both the commercial version and the trial) has been streamlined, and now they're about half the size of the previous version, and fun faster too.

  • In line with our effort to continue providing professional-level trading tools as we move towards NinjaTrader 8, support for the Unirenko bar type stops with this version. Previous versions of the Remek! System that use this bar type will continue to work as before.

V1.83 RELEASED VERSION 2017 08 15

  • (Non-essential upgrade.) No changes in code, simplified folder structure for easy installation. You can download v1.83 here.

V1.82 RELEASED VERSION 2017 05 29

  • (Non-essential upgrade.) Fixed copyright text. No other changes. You can download v1.82 here.

V1.81 RELEASED VERSION 2017 05 15

  • Added EXIT options. See description of EXITs below:

  1. EXIT1 - the original exit. It will take you out of the trade if the first two candles upon entry go against the trade (is of the opposite colour on the renko). It will also take profits for you if price turns (and gives two candles of the opposite colour on the renko) after a large move in your direction.
    In summary:
    a) exit immidiately IF first two candles upon entry go against your position. Note that this exit is in practice functions like a rather tight stop, but a stop that the market does NOT see.
    b) exit, with a profit, IF price turns after the number of bars defined by our algorithm in your direction
    c) exit, with a profit, IF price turns after an extreme run (as defined by our algorithm) in your direction
    Consider EXIT1 if you want to trade with relatively tight stops, hidden from the market, while still taking profits effectively.

  2. EXIT2 - this exit will NOT take the trade off if if the first two candles upon entry go against the trade. This exit will take profits if price turns (and gives two candles of the opposite colour on the renko) after a large move (as defined by our algorithm) in your direction.
    b) and c) of EXIT1 only, see details above
    Consider EXIT2 if you DO NOT want to trade with tight stops under the entry renko bar, while still taking profits effectively. If you choose EXIT2, you can have your ATM strategy (with SiRaven) or Blackbird (if you use Blackbird) to place and manage your stop for you. Please note that in this case your stop will be seen by the market.

  3. EXIT3 - this exit is intended for use mostlyl by users of BlackBird. This exit will take profits for you if price turns after an extremely large move (as defined by our algorithm) in your direction. There are no other exit rules in this exit, allowing traders freedom to design their additional customized exits with BlackBird.
    c) only (see EXIT1 for details).
    Consider EXIT3 if you want the most freedom with designing your trade management strategy, either with SiRaven/ATM or Blackbird. This provides a lot of sophisticated trailing and exit options. We'll be happy to help you devise the optimal strategy for your trading style. Please contact us for details.

v1.711 RELEASED VERSION 2017 03 20

  • Fixed minor memory leak that caused slow load times on some charts. EXIT A's name reverted to original EXIT. EXIT B renamed to EXIT BB. Using EXIT BB is recommended when using the Remek! System with Blackbird. EXIT BB keeps the trade longer thereby allowing more trade management options with Blackbird.

V1.71 RELEASED VERSION 2017 03 05

  • This minor upgrade introduces a new exit (EXIT B), which is less strict and is designed to be used with Blackbird. If you use Blackbird, you may want to use EXIT B, for the following reasons:
    - EXIT B allows you to use larger stops (e.g. under a previous low) dynamically with Blackbird, a technique that was not possible with SiRaven/ATM2
    - EXIT B will not take you out agressively from a (winning) trade, therefore giving you more options to manage your trailing strategy with Blackbird.

  • Please note that if you're not familiar with Blackbird yet, that's okay. You can continue to use the Remek! System v1.61 just like before. v1.71 is an optional upgrade.

  • Please note that v1.71 as well as all previous versions continue to work with either SiRaven or Blackbird.

  • If you're using v1.61 and you're happy using the Remek! System with SiRaven, there's no real benefit to upgrade to v1.71 (although doing so will cause no harm).

V1.61 RELEASED VERSION 2016 09 29

  • fixed workspace, now it opens correctly on machines with one monitor


  • Setup instructions updated.

  • There are now three separate zip files for the Unirenko, SiBTRenko and the SiProRenko versions to avoid confusion.

  • No changes in the code. Users of the previous version do not need to update.


  • there is now only one EXIT to avoid confusion. The EXIT exits the trade automaticallly (with no stop having to be placed on the market!) if any of the following three conditions are true:

  1. the first two candles after the entry are of the opposite direction/colour. This is to protect your capital.

  2. price runs away 5 ATR from the Coral55 and turns . This is considered an extreme situation, which is usually followed by (sometimes sudden) mean reversion (i.e. price will return to the Coral). The Remek! System will take the profit in a few milliseconds and will put it on your account. Remember: you can always re-enter on the pullback, and do so a bit richer.

  3. price crosses Coral89 and continues against your trade 5 candles in a row. This is a disaster exit to protect the account in an emergency. Normally, this function is never activated, because the trader has exited any losing trade long before.

  4. Please note, you do not have to use the EXIT strategy. If you do not want to use it, just leave the field blank in the Strategy window. You can still manage the trade with an ATM. That said, we are convinced the EXIT is a useful feature, which will protect your capital more reliablyl and will pay you faster and more consistently than would be humanly possible.

  • the 'vicinity' algo (part of the AUTO dropdown) has been fine-tuned and now uses a more advanced algorithm for the automated entry signals.

  • minor speed improvements. It is recommended that the Precision Chart is set to use e.g. 500 bars (instead of several days) to allow quick switching between the various dropdown menu items.

If you are a current customer, and you have not received an email with the download link, please write to us and we'll be happy to send you the latest package. Previous licensed packages will continue to work.


  • Users now only have to import one indicator, The Remek! Indicators into NinjaTrader. This is a NinjaTrader indicator in zip format and thus can be imported into NinjaTrader directly. Importing the Essential Free NinjaTrader Indicators is no longer a prerequisite to running the Remek! System. (Note: having both the Essential Free NinjaTrader Indicators and the Remek! Indicators imported into NinjaTrader causes no problems.). The new indicator pack provides improved speed and stability when running the system.


v1.5.32 released version

  • added EXIT1 and EXIT2:
    EXIT1: trade will be automatically exited if the first candle after the entry is of the opposite direction/colour. This is a very aggressive, "no-questions asked" exit, aimed to protect your capital. The trade goes against you upon entry, you're out.
    EXIT2: trade will be automatically exited if the first two candles after the entry are of the opposite direction/colour. This is a less aggressive exit, you thereby giving the trade a bit more room to work out in your favour.

  • Which EXIT you choose is up to you, and will depend on the instrument you trade and your own trading style.

  • Please note: the time exits/no trade funcionality mentioned below in the v1.5.32 Beta is not part of this release, since this is a functionality that can be easily applied manually. Nonetheless, if you request it, we'll include it for you. Just send us an email.

v1.5.32B - 2015 08 23 - BETA UNRELEASED

  • added functionality: all trades will be exited automatically at 3.55pm

  • no trades will be entered in AUTO mode between 3.55pm - 6.01pm

v1.5.31 - 2015 08 17 RELEASED VERSION

  • The dropdown menu "None" was changed to "No Trade" to avoid confusion with NinjaTrader's "(None)" setting in the Strategy window.

  • Sample instrument changed to the 09-2015 contract on the charts - saved in the Remek Workspace - to avoid an error message.

v1.5.2 - 2015 06 20


If, upon entry, the first two candles go the opposite direction on our Renko chart, the system automatically exits us from the trade.

If only one candle goes against us, but the following candle (candle 3 in the chart) is with us, the system will let us stay in the trade. This formation we call 'instant re-test' and is usually a very good signal.

In summary, upon entering a trade with our system, there's nothing to worry. If things do not look good (i.e. two opposing candles in a row), we'll be protected automatically and exit; and if things look good (i.e. instant retest is formed), we'll be allowed to continue the good-looking trade.

Why not program this instant reversal business, you may ask.  Well, we have. And we're not using it and we're not including it in the Remek! System, because it filters out too many good trades as well! So we're including these charts so you can familiarize yourself with the visual look of these situtations, and trade accordingly.  

Any questions, just send us an email. Also, please note, the above notes are based on the SiProRenko bars, the bars that we primarily use in our trading and the bar type that we're very happy with.

Thanks and mindful trading to all!