Strategy design service

You have a trading idea that you want to have programmed? Remek! Trading Systems provides custom-programming services and we build systems to our customers' specifications. All work is done exclusively in the BloodHound™ programming environment with optional additional risk and money management functionalities added with BlackBird. Our services allow our customers to only start risking real money on the markets when their strategy has been thoroughly tested and has proved itself. To run BloodHound-based trading systems, you'll also need NinjaTrader™. To learn more about the systems we design, click here.


Our strategy development service follows the following workflow (based on the 'waterfall' methodology):

Stage 1: Requirement Specifications: 
We will work with you to assess your needs, to help you formulate and document your ideas.

Stage 2: System Development:
Upon sign-off of your specifications, we will design and code your system as per your definitions, business rules and criteria. Then we subject the product to rigorous in-house testing.

Stage 3: Handover/Acceptance:  We will hand the finished work over to you, and will demonstrate its functionality as per your requirements.

Stage 4: Support: Bug fixes, if any, are always fixed asap at no cost. We will be at your service whenever you need us, even after the code has been handed over to you.

Please note: false positives (when you report a bug which is actually not a bug but your own specification) carry a USD75 charge. New developments are called 'change requests' and carry a USD195 charge generally, although we reserve the right to price them individually upon evaluating your exact requirements.

*Containing a maximum of 12 solvers. Larger projects will be priced individually. All deliverables are deemed to have been accepted and have met all requirements after 14 days of acceptance.

Write to for more details or if you have any questions. CLICK HERE TO ORDER. We look forward to being at your service!

* Please note that all assignments are held in the strictest confidence.  You retain all intellectual property rights to your strategy.