Services offered by Remek! Trading Systems are defined as follows:

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1 hr one-on-one consultation

Our specialist spends 1 hour with you to discuss and document the trading system you would like us to build for you. The system is then documented in writing and signed off by you by email. We can also provide consultation on any other trading-related issue you may want our help on. 

If you need assistance setting up your trading environment using Ninjatrader and Bloodhound, we can do that for you too.


Complete Strategy Design

We will design and deliver to you by email your trading strategy based on your agreed and signed-off specifications.



We will prepare the encrypted and protected version of your software that only you have the key to and which you can then sell commercially. This service is dependent on certain inputs on your side.



2-hour webinars at pre-announced times to get you up and running with BloodHound/NinjaTrader and strategy design with lots of hands-on examples.