recent premium si setups

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Many of you have caught the meltdown in GC and SI in the past few days. We also did pretty well, as shown on the charts below. 

SI 2018 08 12 1pm intraday

SI 2018 08 12 11pm

SI 2018 08 12 Premium breakout trade

SI 2018 08 14 7am

SI 2018 08 14 11am - bearflag

SI 2018 08 15

6E, short setups for Monday, 2018 08 12

Look for pullbacks intraday to go short. (Do not chase trades.) The weekly pattern is likely to provide several good short setups this week. This is our Overnight Workspace. You can use this, or the Remek! System v2.0 and its Intraday Workspace to trade these setups intraday. Sign up for our Premium service to receive notifications of similar setups on various US futures in advance. Mindful trading!

6E 2018 08 12 - Intraday, look for short setups upon pullbacks. Overnight: short on pullback (bearflag) on daily to join into weekly pattern.