available now: Remek! Momentum v2.15


Remek! Momentum v2.15 for NT8 is a complete automated/semi-automated trading system that is based on the inherent volatility characteristics of financial markets. The observation that volatility comes in clusters is backed by data going back decades: a forceful move away from market equilibrium tends to lead to another move in the same direction after a regression to the mean. Please read the information below for details of the system and to see how Remek! Momentum can fit into your short-term investing strategy. Also check out a recent webinar we held about the product.

Figure 1 - Remek! Momentum v2.15


To run the Remek! Momentum trading strategy, the following programs need to be installed on your machine:


Figure 2 Remek! Momentum at work

Figure 2 Remek! Momentum at work

  1. Double-click on the downloaded msi file to install the system.

  2. Go to NT8’s Control Center > Tools > Import > Ninjascript Add-On, navigate to you Ninjatrader 8 > bin > Custom > _Remek Momentum Indicators folder, and import the indicators therein into NT8 one by one. IMPORTANT: if you have a previous v13 Remek! Momentum indicators on your machine, the previous assemblies must be manually removed before you doing this step.

  3. Generate your Machine ID EXACTLY as seen on this page, and send it to support@remek.ca

  4. Restart Ninjatrader.

Remek! Momentum on various timeframes, bar types Futures, foreign currency and options trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or lifestyle.

The basics

Remek! Momentum is a semi-automated system with the option to run the system in a totally automated mode. That said, as with any computerized trading strategy, trader discretion, disciplined execution and common sense are advised when using the program.

Remek! Momentum is programmed so that it can be used on any instrument available in NT8, on any timeframe and on any bar type, including backtestable bar types, with tick charts, time-based charts, range charts being the most popular choices. Experimentation with various settings is recommended to find the timeframe and the bar type that best aligns with your own trading style, preferred timeframe, account size and risk management rules. (To start, if trading intraday, start with 1000, 2000 or 3000 tick intraday charts, or, alternatively, 15 minute or 30 minute charts on your preferred instruments. Overnight traders can start with a 4hr or daily chart. Range charts can also yield excellent results, experiment with various settings, depending on the average volatility of the given instrument.)

Using Remek! Momentum intraday

After putting the strategy on the chart, a ‘dropdown’ menu will be seen at the top of the chart with the following items: ENTRY, LONG, SHORT and EXIT (Figure 2). Select ENTRY. Doing so will tell the system to start calculating the entry signals.

Note the large blue “Auto Enabled” button (Figure 2). That is the main switch. It must be switched on (and colour blue) for the system to take trades. When switched off (“Auto Disabled” and colour grey), the system will not take trades (although signals will still show on the chart).


  1. Entry: The system waits for the market to make a significant move away from equlibrium. On the chart this will typically shown as a forceful move that will push price to the edge of the Remek!Keltner. At that point, the system waits for price to return to the mid-area. As price leaves the mid-area again in the direction of the first momentum move, the system enters the trade.

  2. Trade management: Consistent trade management is paramount, and is ensured by the built-in algorithm. Parts of the trade management algorithm are build into the read-only strategy file, and parts of it are built in Blackbird, where it is available for you to edit. As always, you should review the Blackbird (bbs) file, and customize it to your exact needs (number of contracts, initial stop, trailing stop rules etc.)

  3. Exit: In the included customizable bbs file, profits are taken at 3ATRs and 5ATRs, and the third contract (runner) is trailed. Profits are also taken by the built-in agressive profit-taking algo, which will take profits if and when price makes an extreme move outside of the Remek!Keltner channel.

Figure 3 - SI 2019 02 18 - the Momentum pullback trade with Remek!MACD, RRR support

Using Remek! Relative Return with Remek! Momentum

Figure 4 -  Monitoring hundreds of markets  with the Remek! Momentum Overview workspace (out soon)

Figure 4 - Monitoring hundreds of markets with the Remek! Momentum Overview workspace (out soon)

Remek! Relative Return (aka RRR or “triple R”) is the indicator at the bottom of the Momentum daily chart (Figure 3), which measures the the daily move in relation to the average move of the past x number (20, by default) of days. Since an increase in volatility tends to lead to more volatility in the financial markets, it is a powerful tool in our Remek! Momentum trading arsenal. Let’s see an example of how we can use this indicator to help us identify trading opportunities with an edge.

Remek!MACD (Figure 3, daily chart, second indicator from bottom) is the modern version of the classic “3-10 Oscillator”, providing a visual clue to emerging momentum on our trading timeframe.

Figure 5 Remek! Momentum - equity curve, 2018 07 04 - 2019 02 21*

(Note: RRR and Remek!MACD can also be purchased in a separate bundle under “Remek! Classic Pack”.)

Who Remek! Momentum v2.15 is for

Remek! Momentum is ideal for those traders who do not want to be tied to any given bar type or timeframe, and want to apply a proven, time-tested methodology to the markets. The methodology is based on the objective observation that volatility begets volatility, and momentum in a direction tends to be followed by a similar momentum move in the same direction. When executed with discipline, Remek! Momentum’s accuracy and the achievable win/loss ratio can be the basis of a powerful trading program.

Figure 6 - Remek! Momentum’s 4hr chart, a lesser-known, powerful timeframe alternative

Moving towards higher timeframes

Trading on ‘higher’ timeframes at the boundary of intraday and overnight trading, above the intraday noise of the amateurs but still below the level of interest of the megaplayers, can be a powerful alternative. Consider the 4hr chart on Figure 3. The 4hr chart is sufficiently above the potentially confusing intraday noise, while still offering the option to choose between exiting at the close of the day or staying overnight for larger moves. Remek! Momentum’s entry areas are marked on the chart, including those few that would have resulted in a breakeven or losing trade. As you can see, with well-planned, disciplined trade management, excellent results can be achieved.

Next steps

If interested, you may download the 15-day fully functional trial version so you can evaluate how Remek! Momentum fits into your trading style, timeframe, lifestyle and resources. Since the strategy is fully backtestable on tick, range, volume and time-based charts, you will want to test-run the strategy on various timeframes and bar types, on your favourite markets and intstruments to see what combination yields the best results and what best fits into your trading plan.

The product is available for purchase in our shop. Upon purchase, one license for one machine will be issued. Any future updates are free for one year of purchasing the system (free maintanance period), after which date any subsequent upgrades will be available to license holders for a small fee. This allows us to further develop the program as new ideas, profit-taking and capital-preservation solutions, platform updates and/or more powerful hardware become available.

It will be our pleasure to provide guidance to all traders who decide to try out or buy the system. Please write to us and let us know how we can help.

Make sure you run the latest versions of Ninjatrader 8 and BloodHound/Blackbird for NT8.

Thank you and mindful trading!

Your Remek! Team

* No claims are or can be made as to future performance in however good hands. The usual disclaimer applies.