From the Remek! research lab

Is it possible to design a fully automated system that is also profitable? That is the question.

We believe a strong automated foundation can be an important part of a system, a system that keeps the trader on track in the heat of the battle. But it is also just that, a foundation, to which the trader must add his or her experience and hard-won intuition for the winning combination.

While we can't test your experience or your intuition, we can test the Remek! System: forward-testing, backtesting, testing from a hundred different angles have been an integral part of our work since 2011.  The chart below is a snapshot from today's testing session: it shows our system on SiBTRenko with backtesting ON (if you know SiBT, you know why this is important), on 150 days. Took a while for our NT7 to crunch the numbers, but it was worth the wait (of about a bearable 10 minutes). The numbers are not bad at all. A few more testing stages, then (if it all looks good) the beta. And yes, this is Remek! Pro, the next-generation, barsize-independent iteration of our in-house trading engine. How do you like the first look?

Mind you, not every idea of ours gets to the beta stage. But this just might.

Mindful trading!