Talk about a failed bullflag...

Nothing lasts forever, and that goes for decade-old bull markets as well. While it’s still early to say the final word, we certainly haven’t seen anything like this lately. Life doesn’t stop though, our Remek! Momentum is doing pretty well on GC and SI this morning, with a bit of CL thrown in for good measure, as we’re keeping an eye on ZB. We’ll continue to read the charts, knowing that if and when the markets have something to say, they’ll do so through price action. Mindful trading!

Nothing new

They say good trading is boring. We are then bored, and happily so. Check out Remek! Momentum, check out Remek! Premium, and be bored with us.

A turning point?

If today is a turning point, we’ll find out soon. What we know: the ES is melting, and GC shrugs off an anti. As for us, we follow the plan.