1R on the 6E

Letting the probabilities play out: the last rotation on the 240min chart only came down to the midband, which we interpret as a bullish sign. (And if this is not breaking out, then what is... Then again, most breakouts fail, so there you go.) Also see: last Wednesday's 6E post.

6E 2018 03 26 - 1R - SIM trade. For educational purposes only.

Morning update:

6E 2018 03 26 8am EST - 1R - SIM trade. For educational purposes only.

Far from done?

Looks like there's a strong desire to re-test what needs to be re-tested. But then again, "we're probably wrong".

PS: We've used a few (not too many) different layouts over the years to present market action. The intraday Remek! charts have been the same for many years. Our overnight charts have evolved over the years to what we are using now, which is purposefully minimalistic, and is based on Adam Grimes's chart layout. So the credit goes to him. This layout, which we use for discretionary trades spanning 2 to 5 days, just makes sense to us, and we think will make sense to many of our readers as well.

Mindful trading!

ES 2018 03 22

And a day later:

ES 2018 03 23