How to speed up NT7 and other tips

remek system on two computers.png

Hi Traders,
just a quick note on how to make NT7 as fast as possible

  1. Do not put more than 500 bars on your Precision Chart.
  2. Make sure you Reset and Repair your NT7 database regularly. A large database tends to slow NT7 with time.
  3. Do not run any indicators with "Calculate on Bar Close = False" setting.
  4. Only have one workspace open at any one time.
  5. Do not download or keep data for instruments you never use.
  6. As a last resort, consider a clean install of NT7. It happens. (If you ever do, rename your Ninjatrader 7 folder _Ninjatrader 7, before you reinstall. You'll thank me for it.)

General Windows tips:

  1. Only run background programs that you really need.
  2. VPNs can slow your machines. Only use them if you have to.
  3. Use an antivirus software that is easy on memory. Some are famous, and are famously not.
  4. Get the fastest machine you can get, RAM, SSD, i9, etc.
  5. Get the fastest internet connection available to you.

Have a plan for:

  1. PC failure (do you have a backup machine, ready to jump in?)
  2. Internet failure (do you have a backup subscription/connection?)
  3. Connection to your broker's trading desk (phone number, your account data, passwords, etc.)
  4. A medical situation, electricity outage etc.

Some call it 'disaster recovery' or 'any eventuality plan'. The point is, you run a business. Have one. In writing.

Mindful v2.0 trading!