Looking for Adam Grimes's indicators? Look no further

Mr. Grimes is, as many of you know, the man behind MarketLife. He is also well-known, and deservedly so, for making sense and for being kind enough to share his wisdom and knowledge with the public online and in his two excellent books.

Adam uses indicators sparingly, in fact, he uses mainly two: one he calls "SigmaSpike" and one he calls "Modified MACD" (aka the 3-10 Oscillator). Since many traders out there are interested in putting those indicators to good use, we would like to mention in this space that with our Classic Indicator Pack, it is possible to exactly replicate Mr. Grimes's above-mentioned indicators. See the video below.

This video shows you how to replicate Adam Grimes's indicators by using special settings in the Remek! Classic Pack.

Full disclosure: I haven chosen Adam Grimes's book for the course I teach at CEU, and I hold Adam's work in the highest regard.